If your body is running on a fuel it will be the calories, they are the main energy that is used to move your muscles, regulate your heart rate and almost any other activity of your body. The calories are stored in the food we eat at a different proportions.

Calories then are so vital to the human existence and living, however, an excessive amount of calories becomes problematic in most of the cases. It is one of the main reasons to weight gain for a category of people. The excess intake of calories that is not consumed will be kept by your body as glycogen at first, after that it will be stored as fat in your body for later use in cases of emergency such as huge deprivation of food or hunger. This process continues if you don’t use the calories and fat accumulates more and more.

When we started to count calories

It started with the invention of the calorimeter, in the 20th century. It is a device invented by Wilbur Atwater, a scientist who could measure the amount of energy needed to completely burn a food item. The calorimeter is a simulation of what happens inside the human body. The term calories then became widely used in the diet medical fields.

The practitioners of diet and nutrition, agrees today that counting your calories intake is not the only way to overcome excessive weight gain. And they gave a lot of arguments for that.

All the calories are not the same

All the food is not good for your health, this applies to the calories. Calories are different depending on the food that contains it, and there is specific types of calories that are recommended in case you are trying to lose that belly fat. These kind of calories exists especially in the fast and processed food, chips and in the white bread. The body burns these calories faster so you get hungry in a few hours and you need another intake that leads to more weight gain.

However, green vegetables and whole fresh food contains very less calories and more fibers and nutrients that will make you more energetic and full for an extended period. So don’t focus on calories, instead try to diversify the nutrients on your meals like the healthy fats, the proteins and carbs. A balanced ratio of these is the secret for a healthy diet.

Calories intake is hard to measure

Some expert in diet and nutrition made several experiments in labs trying to calculate accurately the amount of calorie intake, and couldn’t achieve it despite their experience. The reason being is that calories consumption is affected by several factors like the way of cooking, the size of the meal, and the edible part of the meal that varies depending on the quantity of bones removed for examples. This only means that calculating calories is not efficient and accurate as it seems to be.

It is not a sustainable routine

Calories counting is a very strict routine that requires dedication a huge commitment, so if you are not this kind of a person who follows a certain routine religiously, you want be able to stick to your calculated diet for a long time.

Most people who tried to stick to daily calorie intake measuring failed to sustain the diet for more than a month. The sacrifices to make are hard to endure and also the satisfaction from eating decreases tremendously since you perceive the meals as an enemy you have to control.

 An excuse for unhealthy meals

Since you focus only in your daily calories intake, you may opt for some meals that lacks the necessary nutrients as they fit in your measured diet. Which is a very bad decision, sure you eat less calories and you overcome maybe the weight gain, but the lack of other necessary nutrient is very dangerous for your health. It may increase for example the risk of some dangerous diseases as hypertension or diabetes !

The lost joy of eating

Eating is a survival activity for living being, however for human it is considered one of the important activities for socialization. Meals and food are supposed to be a delicious experience and enjoyable. Sticking to your strict calculator deprives you from this joy and drive your focus to the consequences of what you eat rather than enjoying the experience with your loved ones. The dishes and meals you have should be associated with happy memories and moments.

The only pro about calories calculator is to keep track of your food habits and diet but only to make your progress measurable not to stick to it religiously and lose all the joy of eating.






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