Everyone has faced a very slow browsing experience due to wifi dead zones! And let’s face it, today this sucks. You can’t always be in the same room where your wifi router is to receive quality signal! If this is your case you will solve your problem with this following tricks and tips.

The main problem is obviously the distance between your phone or computer and the wireless router. Also, if there are a lot of walls and corners the signal has a hard time reaching you. Another problem is the interference between all the wireless signals that surrounds us, especially if you are in a busy building. You have to check also if you have unwanted guests on your network, make sure you protect your wifi with WPA2 protections.

So let’s start with top tips :

Keep your firmware updated

There maybe a chance that your wifi router needs an update! As easy as that, especially if it’s not a very recent device. Many manufacturers releases firmware updates to their devices in order to fix speed and performance issues. So make sure that your device is running on the last version of firmware. You can check your wireless router manufacturer for example. If there is a newer version get it and you will have the detailed instructions on how to install it, otherwise look on google how to update the firmware of your specific router.

Find the Optimal Placement for you router

The placement of your router plays a big role in the wireless coverage. The router prefers open spaces away from walls and other appliances that affects the signal reach, make sure also to orient the antennas of your device vertically up. Another tip is to position it as higher as you can in your room, on top of high shelf or mount it on the wall. You may check also some mobli apps that checks the wifi signal on different sopts on your home as Wifi Analytics from Netgear.

Check the Wifi Frequency

You need to log in to your wifi router settings and check which frequency are you running on. If your device supports dual-Band, make sure to switch to 5Ghz instead of 2.4Ghz, it will affect the performance a lot.

What Channel Are you Using

All the wifi routers supports multiple channels to communicate with your devices! If you are in crowded zone for example and all your neighbours are using the same channel, it will be great if you use a different one, it will significantly improve the signal strenght! To do so you may check your neighbours channel but typing this command in the command prompt : netsh wlan show all

It will show you all the wifi networks available and their channel, then make sure to change yours to another one. You can find that easily in your wifi router setting.

Obsolete Devices

If you are still running a very old router, you can’t expect the highest performance and signal ! The channels and the frequencies has changed a lot since few years ago, and this is a big deal! So if your device is obsolete, the obvious solution is to get a recent device an d you will be amazed! The same applies to your computer too, if you have an old laptop for example chancesa re that you have inside an obsolete wireless card, you may upgrade you laptop or if you want to solve the connectivity problem only, you can buy a recent wifi wireless USB adapter, you plug in your usb port and it replaces your embedded old wireless card.

Change the antenna

In case you have a router with an internal antenna, you can easily the signal reach by adding an external one! They send a better and more powerful signal. A directional antenna is a good option, and make sure to point it towards your weak spot at home.

Range extender

If your place is big or multistory, no matter the strength of your device it won’t reach all the points easily. in this case you will need to get a wireless range extender or repeater. Their role is to capture your initial router signal and broadcast it further, So put it in a midpoint between your router and your weakest spot.

Mesh Based Routers

Mesh Based Routers is the ultimate solution in big houses or wherever you need to cover a large area, it is basically a device that is connected to your main wifi router and other satellite devices spread over your place, and they communicate together with a different technology called mesh technology. With this you will be sure that you have the best coverage in a large area for sure! the only con is the price that higher than regular wifi routers. They generally come with an app that helps you configure your system an choose the optimized placements for your nodes.




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