Why Samsung Mobile Does Not Turn On – Simple Solution!

Have you recently attempted to be using your phone and been met with a blank screen? When you pressed the power button, your homepage didn’t appear.

We are aware of the challenges this circumstance may present. To solve this problem very easily, we are going to provide some useful tricks below. It may just be a software bug that caused your phone to die; this is a common issue that Samsung users report.

It might be time to visit our team in-store if you’ve read through our guidance and your Smartphone is still dead.

My Samsung Mobile won’t turn on; why?

It can be very annoying when your phone won’t turn on and isn’t showing any signs of life. Maybe all your Samsung device needs is a reset. Or perhaps it needs to be repaired. But before you start to freak out, try out all of our advice below before you hastily rush to have this repaired in-store.

How can I solve my Samsung mobile problem?

First of all charge the smartphone for a while.

Your battery may have run out of juice, which could be the cause of your phone’s inability to turn on. Try connecting a charging cable to your device, then connect this to a power outlet and give the phone about 15 minutes to rest. Look for the Samsung logo to check if this is successful. If not, adhere to the remaining advice!

Restart the Samsung Mobile in Safe Mode

The software of your Samsung device may not be compatible with some stored apps, which is a common reason why your Samsung won’t turn on. Applications and programs that you download from unreliable sources may cause your device to lag or even crash. If you typically use Safe Mode on your phone and everything runs smoothly, this could be a sign that a third-party program is to blame for the issue.

Reset your Samsung Mobile softly

In the unlikely event that your phone is responsive, a soft reset on your smartphone would be an easy way to solve this problem. Hold down the power and volume button buttons simultaneously for around ten seconds to accomplish this.

Reset your Samsung Mobile hard

Holding the power and volume button buttons both at the same moment once more for 10 to 15 seconds will force-reset your device.

Restart/Reboot the Samsung Mobile in recovery mode.

Follow these steps to restart your smartphone in recovery mode:

  • First, completely Switch off your smartphone.
  • Even before the system recovery menu with options appears, the installing system update will be displayed on your screen.
  • To wipe the cache partition, keep holding down the sound down key.
  • To choose, press the power button.
  • To select, hold down the volume down key and press the power key.
  • Simply press the power key to restart the device after the wipe partition has finished.

What should I do if the above fails?

If you have tried the aforementioned solutions and your Samsung Mobile handset still won’t turn on, there may be a hardware issue that samsung service center auckland knowledgeable technicians in the store need to check out. However, it is wise to confirm that your Samsung device is still under warranty before coming to see us.

Our knowledgeable technicians will test every part of your device during the diagnostics evaluation to evaluate its functionality and identify the root causes of your Samsung’s unresponsiveness or failure to turn on.

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