Why Do Organizations Prefer WhatsApp Business API in 2022?

WhatsApp Business API solution is tailored for large brands or businesses that demand seamless integration with other channels and data sets.  WhatsApp Business API solution allows the business to communicate with customers all over the world. It too allows designing a business profile but WhatsApp Business API service users can get a verified green tick to add brand quality and authentication. With WhatsApp Business API, a business can create chatbots that enhance communication flow. With the integration of the WhatsApp Business API service, multiple customers can be entertained at the same time, from any part of the globe and at a given point in time as it can send bulk notifications. Instant order placement and payment confirmation, booking confirmation, and the status of the order are some of the important features offered by the WhatsApp Business API solutions. It can be integrated with other channels; it uses automation and multiple agents can access it.

WhatsApp Business API service is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Multi-channel platform: It provides a single platform for all business communication channels. This gives an organized structure to any business.
  2. Integrate CRM: It organizes and integrates CRMs that help in customer service delivery. One of the benefits of integrating CRM is that it allows businesses to share catalogs, images, locations, documents, and videos, audio with customers. It also helps businesses to share updates, tracking options, and payment status of the product and service with the customers.
  3. 24×7 supports: WhatsApp Business API ensures 24×7 support for any customer service. Through the Chatbot, a business can be present around the close for their customers. It helps in identifying potential customers and also maintains seamless communication by sharing different information, and alerts to regular customers. The multilingual feature of the WhatsApp Business API helps businesses to reach any part of the globe without much afford. Also, both, multilingual and 24x 7 feature makes business accessible for service for any time zone.
  4. Decreases workload and business productivity: By using WhatsApp Business API a business can reduce the manual workload of the agents WhatsApp Business API service can handle multiple customers at the same time. The instant, consistent and effective response enhances service satisfaction and attracts more customers. The frequently asked questions are easily responded to with an agent’s engagement.
  5. Save expenses and time: WhatsApp Business API reduces cost and time for businesses by moving from a synchronous channel to an affordable asynchronous channel with ease. Also, it is very easy to upgrade from a WhatsApp Business account to WhatsApp Business API. It does not require infrastructural setup costs or additional upgradation costs.
  6. Let customers multitask: Customer satisfaction is one of the major aims of any business. WhatsApp Business API provides flexibility to customers to leave and re-enter the conversation, anytime or anywhere.
  7. Notifications: It helps a business to send notifications on WhatsApp to customers regarding the information on order updates, reminders, appointments, and many more. Automated notifications in bulks can help a business in reaching more customers with ease and also reduced the workload for the agents.
  8. IVR deflection: It helps in quick service thus enhancing customer satisfaction. It simply routes incoming calls to WhatsApp and optimizes call volumes and wait time. It boosts the first contact resolution rate and customer satisfaction.
  9. Offer rich experience to the customers: WhatsApp Business API provides an enjoyable customer experience through the rich social media presence and business representation. A business with WhatsApp API can add images, videos, audio messages, gifs, stickers, files, dynamics CTAs and many more. A business can share shares product pictures, demo videos, links, etc. to the customers to offer better engagement. A business can send them tailored communications to encourage cart abandoners to complete their purchase which helps to increase interaction, and augment the message with eye-catching product photos.

Many WhatsApp Business API providers offer each WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Business API accounts with ease. Knowlarity is one of the popular WhatsApp Business API providers that offer many features in affordable packages. It is trusted by more than 6000 industries and organizations from around 65+ countries of the world. Knowlarity is the largest cloud communication provider in emerging markets with customers from different industries. By 2022, it is one trusted and most demanded WhatsApp Business API solution for businesses of any size.

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