Is it the Best Time to Join the Univers of Warframe ?


What is Warframe ?

Warframe is an addictive shooter game, where you have to make you way through the galaxy, assassinating killing and growing more powerful and deadly after every enemy killing. Your character is called a Tenno, a powerful cyberninja who has to kill and harvest loot and cash. The best part is that Warframe is available for free, Yes. And you can play it either on your PC, xbox One or PlayStation 4.

But, why is not everyone already playing it around you may say ?! The answer is although it is not universally acclaimed, Warframe has already around 20 millions of addicted players around the globe

Latest Improvements

At beginning, in 2013 Warframe was not that smooth time devouring beast as it is right now. The launch was very slow and bumpy, in fact the game was lacking a lot of features and the content felt divided and discrete. The progression also was very hard and there was not at that time an active community to help you overcome some of Warframe obscure strategy.

Nowadays, it is a different story and Warframe is a complete different beast. The skeleton of the game is still the same, however almost every aspect of the game system is now improved and evolved widely. The timeline of the Gameplay is very smooth now, each mission is connected to the other and is not a standalone mission anymore. The fun part is of course killing and slicing whatever stands in your face, and has been improved a lot and is now very sleek and addictive. You feel powerful and deadly, still the game remains very challenging.

If you are a complete beginner ?

In this genre of games like MMOs, the barrier gets higher over time for the beginners. The games gets very complex over time that for a complete beginner, it becomes very hard to dive in and grasp, the beginner’s tutorials are not relevant anymore. The games becomes a big mystery for newbies. Warframe is a different story, with it’s mechanics and components, it remains very welcoming to complete newbies. It does not hold your hand over the game, however, it has very thorough explanations inside the game that clarifies its mysteries. You can be assured that you won’t have to dive into a lot of tutorial and FAQ’s to get your way around the game. All the data and information that you will need are already there inside the game. The Gamplay anyway is very intuitive and will feel familiar to anyone who played a shooting game before.

If you are an experienced player ?

We said that the game is familiar, however this doesn’t mean that it is that simple. For the experienced players and also for the newbies seeking challenge and complexity, don’t worry, Warframe packs tons of moving parts and deep complex systems that will keep you hooked and engaged all the time. Through the last years, Warframe has compiled a huge amount of content and advanced loot that you will for sure keep hunting for new weapons and upgrades.

Warframe Loot grinding

Since its launch Warframe has refined its loot drive a lot. As opposed to other titles that demand a lot of energy and time from the players with very less rewards, Warframe is close to Destiny in its approach, meaning the players are frequently rewarded. Unlocking frames for example requires certain amount of blueprints, and every time you beat some of the game ferocious bosses you get rewarded some of these blueprints. The experience of acquiring and collecting weapons and blueprint is satisfying in itself. Each frame is different in an exciting way, you will have a wide range of abilities from sonic booms to teleportation, each unlock is new and exciting.

Frames and Characters

Instead of a locked character to a specific frame, Warframe allows you to move through a lot of frame with your favorite character, you won’t replay the same into you’ve played many times. You can switch frames easily to your wish, and they all follow a factory standard and comes with a set of upgrades and abilities.

Is spending real money necessary in Warframe ?

Free online games have the promise of free content, however this means that you need to go the hard way to unlock the content that you desire, you will need to spend energy and time to achieve and acquire what you want. In Warframe, all the content is reasonably reachable, and if you want to go the easy way and spend some of your cash, the reward is always generous and satisfying, you will get good value for your hard earned money. It also doesn’t spam its offers and purchases in front of your eyes all the time. Which is a very big deal in the overall user experience.

I already tried Warframe in the past

If you are on of the early adopters of Warframe but at some point gave up, there also something for you.. Major tweaks and improvements may convince you to dive back and enjoy again.. There will be something new every time to explore and keep you engaged. Dive in with your Tenno.





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