Simple steps for a Youthful firm Skin

A loose or sagging skin is the second enemy as we age, after the skin wrinkle. The skin starts to become very delicate after loosing its firmness and tone. Worse, the skin begins to slacken before retirement age, and many areas are very visible like the arms or the neck for instance.

There is no easy hacks that will keep your skin firm and tight all the time. However, there is some steps to take in order to make the skin degradation less noticeable, if we understand the reasons behind the skin changes as we age.

Why the skin Loosen with time

There is a lot of factors that cause the skin to loosen and and lose its tone over the years. The skin is made of different components, the Elastin and Collagen for instance are the most important proteins that gives the skin its elasticity and flexibility. The skin endures a lot of stress over the time. Some parts like the legs, the neck or the arms are all the time in motion, it bends stretches and and folds constantly. The Elastin and Collagen are there to help the skin’s tissues to recover its initial position.

Both of these proteins, Unfortunately, degrades over time, and there is nothing we can do to stop this process. The only option that remains is to compensate for the lost proteins with other components.

One of the most important external factors that harms the skin’s health is the sun. Taking a sunlight bath is of course an enjoyable experience, however the UV rays are the major destruction factors for the skin. The atmosphere has plenty of dangerous radiations that harms your skin. The Elastin and Collagen for instance are very sensitive to UV rays.

How to keep the skin tight

With these factors trying constantly to harm the youth of your skin, there is some prevention measure to take in order make the firmness longer.

1 Moisturize Every Day

Whether your skin feels dry or not, try to keep it moisturized as much as possible, this helps the skin to increase its resistance. Dehydration is more likely to increase the stress endured by your skin. A good moisturizer is your skin best friend.

A lot of products for skin care has components as the Shea butter, that is extracted from plants fats in order to keep the moisture sealed under the skin’s surface. In case you have an extremely dry skin you should consult your dermatologist about lotions or creams designed to improve this condition. A lot of these products are without prescription.

2 Sunscreen 7/7

Most likely you only use your sunscreen whenever you are in the beach or in an outdoor activity. However, your skin is almost all the time exposed to the danger of UV rays. Uncovered areas of your body, mainly your face, arms and neck are very vulnerable to nasty radiations.

A rule of thumb is then to keep your sunscreen on your skin as much as possible or maybe all the time, and think to use a large spectrum product.

3 Choose Your Make up Wisely

The cosmetic market is exploding with new products everyday that may help you hide the aging effects on your body, However pay attention to the ingredients of your make up products !

Sensitive skins tend to react badly to some components of make up products as alcohol for instance, exfoliation agents peppermint etc ..Some additives also like fragrances can irritate your skin. You may consult your doctor to be safe about your make up products.

Common issues

Pay additional attention to the main areas that enduresĀ  lot of stress, they are more vulnerable to sagging skin as your neck, arms and chest.

Weight-loss is a desirable goal but keep in mind that fast weight-loss process results in a sagging skin. Similar to the side effects of birth giving.






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