Is it Safe to Visit to Costa Rica in 2023 

 it safe to travel Costa Rica? YES! There is no army in Costa Rica, but it is a very safe country. It’s one of my favourite places in the world and a great place for people who love nature. It was the first place I ever went, and it made me want to see more of the world.

The beaches look like a tropical paradise, and there are many places to get away from the many retired Americans who live here. No matter what you’re into, Costa Rica has a lot of free things to do.

Is now a good time to go to Costa Rica?

Is now a good time to go to Costa Rica?

It was lucky that the country didn’t have to deal with the bloody gang violence and Cold War wars that other Central American countries did. But in the last few years, Costa Rica has become more involved in trafficking drugs, people, and money.

Visitors can still feel safe in the country, which is good news. I mean, the country is so safe that there hasn’t been an army since 1948!

Even though Costa Rica is one of the safest places to travel and backpack in Central America, you shouldn’t let your guard down. In this piece, I’ll give you some tips and advice to make your trip safe and worry-free.Here is the Costa Rica foreign travel advisory.

Costa Rica is a safe place to live.

Costa Rica is a safe place to live.

When deciding to visit or live in Costa Rica, safety is one of the most important things to look into.

The 2022 Global Peace Index ranks Costa Rica 38th out of 163. This makes it the best country in Latin America.

This ranking is based on things like terrorism, environmental risk, how easy it is to get guns, gun deaths, how well human rights are protected, ties with nearby countries, how well the government works, and so on.

Even though Costa Rica is thought to be a very peaceful country, there are still a few things to watch out for.

Crime – Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do as a traveller.

  • Be careful on the bus, because thefts happen often. Bags in overhead bins are especially at risk.
  • Be extra careful with your things at the beach. There are a lot of problems with muggings and small thefts of things like passports, especially along the Atlantic coast.
  • Don’t take “taxi piratas,” or illegal taxis. There have been reports of tourists getting into fights.
  • Hire taxis that have a triangle sticker and a plastic box with the name and number of the taxi company on the roof.
  • As much as possible, use taxis that are sent by radio.
  • Never let a stranger drive you somewhere.
  • Avoid places that are dark or far away. Even on busy streets, there have been gang muggings, car thefts, and armed robberies.
  • Don’t leave valuables in rental cars, not even in the trunk, and don’t put things where they can be seen from the outside.
  • Car theft and theft from cars happen all the time.
  • Don’t leave valuables in rental cars, not even in the trunk, and don’t put things where they can be seen from the outside.
  • Always park in well-lit busy areas or parking lots with security guards who can be see

Here’s what you need to know about methanol poisoning.

  • In 2023, alcoholic drinks with methanol in them were linked to a number of deaths and serious illnesses in Costa Rica.

alcoholic drinks with methanol in them were linked to a number of deaths and serious illnesses in Costa Rica.

  • Reports say that criminal groups make spirits that have been tampered with and have a lot of
  • methanol in them. Some of these were cheap local brands of alcohol, such as vodka and “guaro” (cane liquor).
  • In October 2020, there were several reports of problems with a brand of spirit called “Fiesta Blanca.”
    Please note: You should be careful when buying any drink with alcohol in it.
  • Local Travel: If you want to go to a jungle area, you should go with a trained local guide. If you want to go to a jungle area, you should hire a local guide who knows the area well.
  • If you go to a volcano, keep a close eye out for signs that say you can’t go into dangerous areas.
  • People can’t go into the national park as long as there is a chance of an eruption. They have to wait until the threat is gone.
  • Here are some important phone numbers to keep in mind in case of an emergency in Costa Rica:

Traveling by air: Two terrible things happened with Nature Flight in September 2017, even though accidents in the air in Costa Rica aren’t common.

Road Travel: Is it safe to drive in Costa Rica? If you’re renting a car and driving it yourself, here are some things to watch out for and things you might need to know:

Most cars in Costa Rica are driven on the left side.

cars in Costa Rica are driven on the left side

  • As a tourist in Costa Rica, you can drive with a licence from the UK or the USA or with an international driving permit.
  • Most major roads are in good shape, but during the rainy season, when it rains a lot, there may be potholes.
  • During the rainy season, the road between San José and Guapiles, which leads to Limón and the San Jose/Caldera Highway, is sometimes blocked by landslides.
  • Criminals may cause accidents on purpose to stop cars so that they can rob or do other crimes.
  • If you think that another driver caused an accident on purpose to get you to stop, you could keep going until you get to a safe place.
  • Swimming and playing in the water – If you are going on a tour that includes snorkelling or other similar activities, you should take extra care. Also, rip currents are common in Costa Rica, and lifeguards are not always on duty. Keep this in mind if you swim from any beach.
  • Drowning is the second most common way that people die by accident.
  • In the last few years, on average 50 to 60 people have drowned each year, and about a third of those people were tourists.
  • Crocodiles are often seen along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. In the past few years, there have been attacks.
  • All of Costa Rica’s safest tourist spots have one thing in common: they are popular with tourists. Many of the people in these villages, whose economies depend heavily on tourism, work in the hospitality and ecotourism industries. They are friendly places where everyone can feel safe and have fun.
  • But there are some places that are more dangerous than others. We’ve listed below the safest and least safe places to stay in Costa Rica.
  • Tamarindo is a great beach town in Costa Rica. It has beautiful beaches, a lively nightlife, and is a major centre for surfing. There’s no doubt that Tamarindo is a popular tourist spot, but since it doesn’t get as many visitors as other cities, it’s still pretty safe.

Nosara is known for being a very safe place to visit and a great place for families to go on vacation. The beautiful beaches and soft sand in Costa Rica attract a lot of tourists and people who move there to live. Nosara also has a wide range of beautiful hotels, vacation rentals, and stylish places to eat.

Drake Bay – Also called Baha Drake, Drake Bay is in the southwest of Costa Rica. It is one of the safest places in Costa Rica because it is a small town and not a place where lots of tourists go. Playa Colorada is the main beach in Drake Bay. It has a few restaurants and a calm, nice sea.

Samara – Samara is a popular tourist spot and a safe place for women and single people to travel. Beautiful beaches, a tonne of entertaining activities, and yoga lessons are all available. In this family-friendly area, there are a number of hotels to choose from and delicious restaurants.

Puerto Viejo -de Talamanca is the safest place in Costa Rica, according to a survey. In the southeast of Costa Rica, there is a place called Salsa Brava, which is famous for its great surf break and black sand beach. A wildlife refuge centre and a jaguar rescue centre are also nearby and are both great places to visit.

Santa Teresa – Santa Teresa is a great place to go if you want to be safe and still be able to enjoy the nightlife and the beach. This town has some of the best surfing in the world. It is also popular with younger people and a lot of Europeans on gap years. Even though it’s a small town, it has a lot of pubs and restaurants, which make it very lively. Even though you might run into minor crime.

We’ve already said that not every part of Costa Rica is a paradise. Even though it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open and pay attention to your surroundings, you should avoid the following places.

San Jose: San Jose is the most popular place for tourists to visit in Costa Rica, but there are a few places you should stay away from. This is true for all parks at night. Also, stay away from the following: Cartago’s El Carmen neighbourhood, Alajuela’s “El Infiernillo,” Los Guido, Desamparados, Pavas, La Carpio, Leon XIII

Quepos—Recently, there have been a lot of thefts in Quepos, a small town at the entrance to the Manuel Antonio National Park. If you can, try to stay away from the situation or just keep your eyes open.

Matina is a small town in the countryside of Limón. It is near the Matina River. The rate of violent crime is much higher here, and even if it only happens to locals, you might want to stay away, especially if you’re travelling alone.

Jaco is a popular tourist destination on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. It is only a few hours’ drive from San Jose. Along with its beachy charm, Jaco has a lively nightlife. It brings in lots of tourists who want to party. Even though Jaco might be a lot of fun, it is a bigger city with more people, and the culture of parties and drugs leads to more crime.

Is it safe to go to Costa Rica this year?

Is it safe to go to Costa Rica this year?

We hope that you feel ready to start your trip to Costa Rica after reading this article. The small country is one of the safest places in Central America for tourists to visit because of its good infrastructure, friendly people, and generally low crime rates.

If you’re still not sure about how safe Costa Rica is, remember that crime can happen anywhere. Even though you should always be careful and use common sense when travelling, Costa Rica is one of the safest places for people from all over the world to visit.

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