Why to learn Piano as an adult ?

It is never too late to learn a musical instrument. Learning piano is very rewarding, as it is a good way to relieve stress and an enjoyable experience. A lot of adult assumes that it’s too late to learn piano which is not true. So what are the ways to start to learn piano ? That’s what we will discover in this beginner piano lessons for adults guide.

Having a teacher

piano digital lessons cours

You can go the traditional way and find a good teacher. A perfect piano teacher has to be passionate. And also make sure he has experience in teaching adults not children, because there is a big difference in the the ways of teaching.

Beginner piano lessons for adults

piano lessons for adults learn piano

You can also consider to buy Video Lessons Courses. It is a convenient way to learn piano from your home. And if it happens that you already have a teacher you can use the video lesson as a supplements to your face to face teaching. And you will be surprises at how faster you can go with mixing different sources of information and lessons.

Choosing The Style

Learning piano for most people is related to learning classic piano and classical music. However there a lot of other styles and categories that you can choose from. from jazz piano, blues you name it! You don’t have to stick to classical piano and learn musical notes religiously!
Here is a interesting promess, you can start playing some melodies within the first days! And you can skip learning notes all together, still playing decent song in few weeks if you are willing to put in the effort.

You will need to practice every day in order to improve your skills, it could be only 30min per day however you must make sure to stick to the commitment to do it every day no matter what. Be patient, and you will see results quicker than you think.

Other important thing is to have fun and Don’t be ashamed to be a beginner, and learn from the experts!

Benefits of taking piano lessons for adults

piano lessons for adults learn pianoThere is some other reasons that may motivate you more to take piano lessons:

Reducing stress: Music in general has proven to reduce the speed on brainwaves and take you to similar state to meditation.

Joint Health: Playing piano is literally a workout! you will train your hand to be stronger and flexible and this will improve the health of your joints and prevent several joints discomfort.

Memory and brain training: in addition to physical workout, practicing piano exercises your brain and memory. It make your brain adapt and change, also improves your ability to learn more quickly other skills.

Mood improvement: Music in general is a mood elevator. You will get more in touch with you inner self and definitely feel better about yourself.

Choosing a piano

In this beginner piano lessons for adults guide we will go through the requirements to get started. First of all you need an instrument to practice on. Also you have to make sure that your instrument makes learning an enjoyable experience. however, you don’t need a fancy expensive piano to practice on, so what are the best options ?

Acoustic Pianos

piano lessons for adults learn piano

The acoustic piano is the classic piano that has been there hundreds of years ago. It produces the sounds from real strings. The acoustic piano is the best in terms of responsiveness and quality sound, however they are usually expensive. A quality acoustic piano starts from $4000. Still there is some rental services out there that you can check.

Digital pianos

piano lessons for adults learn piano

Basically, a digital piano is a simulation of an acoustic piano. A digital piano is designed to feel like an acoustic piano and to sound as authentic as possible, when you press a key in a digital piano a prerecorded sound plays from speakers hence the term digital. A benefit is clearly the price as you can have a good digital piano from $500.

So it’s a good option to start with a digital piano as a beginner.

Electronic Keyboard

piano lessons for adults learn piano

If spending hundreds of dollars is too much for you at this point, an electronic keyboard is your best bet. Keyboards comes in different shapes and sizes, as opposed to digital piano they don’t mimic the acoustic piano experience, however they are designed to mimic a variety of sounds and instruments. They also come with recorded tracks and rhythms which is so cool. The only thing you will need to worry about is the number of keys, a regular acoustic has 88 keys, and not all the keyboards out there has this number of keys. Some of the cheap keyboards have 61 keys which somehow enough for a beginner to start practicing on.

Starting point

if you want a starting point to get you going in your piano journey you may check these Piano lessons for adults:


Learning music notes

piano lessons for adults learn piano

Most people abandon learning piano because of the music notes! They seem complicated especially at the beginning, however what we suggest here is to not worry about that, you can skip this step all-together if you want to. So don’t make it an excuse that will stop you from starting. In the other hand, if you want to have some basics in musical note you can check this resource to get familiar with symbols and notes :


Again this is not a necessary step, so keep reading

Learning From Songs and melodies

piano lessons for adults learn piano

Beginner piano lessons for adults suggest the following learning method: we recommend to dive in and start to learn some songs from the start! even if you never touched a piano before. This way you will make your learning experience more enjoyable. And believe or not, some of the masterpieces of classical music are the easiest to learn! How cool is that!

For example, one of the memorable masterpieces in classical piano is Beethoven’s Fur Elise, and guess what? You can learn to play a simplified version of it in less than one week, right away as a complete beginner.

The video shows how to play a very beginner friendly version of the masterpiece. And there a lot of these simplified songs that you can learn right away, without hassling with musical notes and music theory.

Pick a few of easy pieces and practice them, in a schedule of at least 30min per day. Within a month you will have 5 or 6 fancy melodies in your repertoire. So what are you waiting for ?  If you want a list of very simple nice melodies to start with, please comment below and we will give you a lot of suggestions in different styles.





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