5 Best No Interest Credit Cards

No interest Credit cards are simply cards that offer a 0% APR period. You are then able to avoid paying interest on balance transfers, purchases, for a limited period of time. In this article we will unveil credit cards offering a fair no interest introductory periods for your purchases. You will be able to finance your purchases without any interest for at least several months. The best no interest credit cards available today delivers a lengthy introductory offers, nice rewards, low fees plus several cardholder perks.

Who Is a No interest credit cards Right For?

No interest Credit cards that let you benefit from a 0% APR for a limited time can be very helpful in saving money if you are confident in paying off your debt and avoid that way credit card interest. These are the signs that a 0% APR purchase credit card is perfect for you:

  • You have a large purchase to make and you are sure to be able to pay it off before your card’s 0% APR offer period ends.
  • You dispose of a considerable income to repay your all your debts on time.
  • You dispose of a great credit, easily you can get approved for the top 0% APR credit cards.
  • You always stay on top of your bill

No interest credit cards pick

Following is our selection of the best no interest credit cards in the market this year.

5. Wells Fargo Platinum Card

This card offer the longest introductory no interest offer

NORMAL APR (%) : 17.24% – 26.74%


BALANCE TRANSFER FEE : with a minimum of $5 the fees are 5% for each balance transfer,


INTRO BALANCE TRANSFER FEE : $5 or 3% of the balance transfer amount of each balance transfer for the first 120 days from account opening.

Wells Fargo Platinum credit card offer you an extended 18 months with no interest (0% APR) on your purchases and balance transfers— That’s one of the longest 0% APR on the market. You can take advantage of the 18 months period purchase and pay off large transactions. However, when the introductory period ends, the APR becomes in the 17.24% to 26.74% range. It’s important to note that this Wells Fargo credit card offers no rewards and charges an additional foreign transaction fee. So the best use of this particular cards is to pay off a credit card balance.

4. Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

This card is perfect for boosting the rewards on your purchases.

NORMAL APR (%) : 15.74% – 25.74% variable


EARNING REWARDS RATE : 3% Cashback on entertainment, Get 3% Cashback on dining, 2% at grocery stores of cash back, and 1% Cashback on every other purchase.

INTRO NO INTEREST APR : 0% for the first 15 Months


Capital One SavorOne is a credit card with a 15-month intro period of no interest on purchases, and it offers a really nice rewards on dining, groceries, entertainment, plus  1% cashback on all other purchases you make with the credit card. Capital One SavorOne has no annual fee, the card has zero foreign transaction fee as well, and it offers a bonus of $150 in cashback (one-time) when you reach $500 in spending within 90 days. The card has no cap to how much rewards you can earn, also the rewards you acquire will never expire, and you can choose from different options for redeeming your earned cashback.

3. Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

The card with Simplified cashback Rewards.

NORMAL APR (%) : 15.74% – 25.74% variable


EARNING REWARDS RATE : 1.5 % Cashback on all purchases

INTRO PURCHASE NO INTEREST APR : 0% for the first 15 Months


the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card is the perfect choice for Consumers who need to get the rewards and save on interest. This very nice offer comes with a generous sign-up bonus and also a flat cashback rate of 1.5% cash back whenever you shop. You will as well benefit from the no interest (0% APR) on all your purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months. Extended warranties, No fees for foreign transactions, travel insurance on accidents and other perks makes this particular Capital One card an exceptional choice.

2. Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

Perfect for an Ongoing Low APR

NORMAL APR (%) : 13.74% – 23.74% variable


EARNING REWARDS RATE : Get 1.25 miles per each $ on all purchases.

INTRO PURCHASE NO INTEREST APR : 0% for the first 12 Months


With Capital One Venture One you really need to avoid carrying a balance beyond the introductory no interest (0% APR) period. If it happens and you miss paying off your card after the 12-month 0% APR period, this credit card will hurt you. However, the card still has a relatively low interest rate. You can easily earn considerable miles for each dollar you spend, it also offers auto rental coverage, no foreign transaction fees, travel insurance on accidents and extended warranties on a variety of items.

1. Amex EveryDay® Credit Card

Overall the best credit card in the no interest Category

NORMAL APR (%) : 14.74% – 25.74% variable range


EARNING REWARDS RATE : Get 2x points at supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year. Get 1 point instead for the other eligible purchases.

INTRO PURCHASE NO INTEREST APR : 0% for the first 15 Months


The Amex EveryDay no interest credit card has a lot to offer, which includes a very generous introductory offer (10,000 Rewards Points after spending at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 3 months). You’ll also benefit from 20% additional points whenever you use your credit card at least 20 times per billing period. Also no interest on balance transfers and purchases for the first 15 months. Membership Rewards are very flexible and can be used for gift cards, statement credits, transfers to airline and hotel programs etc..


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