Usually high paying jobs comes with a lot of responsibility and high level of stress that might scare a lot of individuals. However, with a little bit of research, you discover some gems. Jobs with very high salaries and very less pressure and stress t is The dream job. so let’s start

Data Scientist : 128,240.00$

For the ones who have the ability to discover and unfold hidden patterns, this is the right career path. Working as a Data scientist involves finding and interpreting trends and data across various fields and industries. This job has a low stress level, however the salaries are very high. This because the biggest companies puts a lot of resources in trends analysis and sorting data in a clear way.

Pharmacist : 121,170.00$

Although the schooling is varying in difficulty according to countries, pharmacists enjoys a very high salaries with a job that is not very demanding in day to day basis. Reading prescriptions and selling medicine is the core of the work.

Mathematician : 104,285.00$

Being an actual mathematician is most of the time an overlooked option. However, having your full time career as a mathematician is very rewarding if you are in love with number, algorithms and logic. The salaries are very high especially in the US as a lot of industries are based on the mathematical realm.

Human resources manager : 103,307.00$

If you are a social person and highly organized person, you should consider a working as a Manager of Human resources. You will be in charge of planning and coordination in a corporate environment. The salaries are usually very high in proportion with the size of the company.

Optometrist : 101,360.00$

You don’t have to go to medical school to be and optometrist. It is very often overlooked in terms of salary. Being an optometrist involves going to a specialized optometry school. Your job will be around treating eyes and the visual system. It is a very low stress career usually and you will have the opportunity to take care of people without the hassle of medical school.


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