The reasons for hair loss are many, from genetics cause to temporary ones. So the treatment of hair loss is also different depending on the causes of course. Let’s check the main known reasons for your precious hair loss.

Physical Stress

Telgon effluvim is the medical term for the common form of losing hair, and the main cause in this case is physical stress. It can be an accident, a surgery or some severe illness, This kind of events have a very nasty effect on the health of your hair.

Vitamin A

Even though Vitamin A is important for your health, consuming an exaggerated quantity of it can cause hair loss easily. Be aware of consuming an excessive amount of food or supplements that contains Vitamin A.


Being on a diet that supplies very less amount of protein is very bad news for the hair health. Proteins are crucial in the process of hair growth. So make sure to have the necessary daily intake of proteins.


Emotional Stress

Emotional break down can be a reason for hair loss too. Going through a severe emotional stress like a losing a loved one or a divorce for example may accelerate or aggravate the hair loss process.


Anemia is a result of iron deficiency, and it is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Make sure to consult your doctor about your iron levels. You should have the necessary daily intakes or use supplements.


Your thyroid glands produces hormones that your body needs, when they are under active, the amount of hormones produced is very less, which affects a lot of growth processes in your bod including hair growth for sure.

Auto immunity

In some case, the immune system becomes very active that it starts to see parts of your body as an enemy! It is a disease. In this case your immune system starts to attack your hair cells as a foreign enemy, it’s called alopecia areata in the medical terms.

Lupus is another case in the auto immunity disorder, but in this case, the hair lost because of this disease won’t grow back.

Weight loss

Losing too much weight in a short period of time due to a severe diet can damage your hair health. Your body considers this as physical trauma, and the fact that you don’t have the necessary amounts of nutrients aggravates the hair loss process.


If you are on a medical treatment, pay attention to the types of medication you are taking. Blood pressure medication and antidepressants are a good reason to lose your hair. methotrexate and lithium is a component that you should avoid.

Hair Style

Stay away from excessive hair styling like tight pulled back ponytail, this kind of practices damages the roots of your hair. Also chemicals and hair styling products affects the health of your hair.

Male Baldness

This is maybe the most common form of hair loss, and the fact is that it occurs to 2 out of 3 men. Male Baldness is related mainly to genetics and male hormones. It starts usually at the thirties and spreads over time as you get older.


It is very normal that you have less hair over time. Especially if the history of your family proves that your genes encourages hair loss. So don’t panic! This is pretty normal.







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