Forge of Empires Wiki : Comprehensive Guide

Forge of empires wiki

General Beginning Strategies

0. Game Tutorial

In this forge of empires wiki, the first advice if you are a complete beginner in Forge of Empires, we recommend you to complete carefully the tutorial at the beginning of the game ! You will learn the basic commands at least and gets you started quickly .. But this won’t get you so far of course that’s why you have this beginner guide, so let’s get started !

1. Production

The production is very important if you want to develop your city. You can construct your city and develop military camps only if you produce enough coins ! you will need to have a source of income ! at first make sure to develop residential and production building to get you some money ! Choose the buildings that are suitable to your playing style.

2. Make people Happy

The level of happiness of your people is very crucial in Forge of Empires ! Happy citizens means More production. Pro tip : Inspire your citizens and build cultural buildings and decorations, Respect your people and you will get rewarded !

3. Research and Development

Forge of empires wiki considers Forge Points your main resource! In the center top of your screen you see your available forge points. You get one forge point each hour until you reach the limit. You will need your forge points to do everything : to trade, to improve your Buildings and you need them for research. The research is conducted by investing into technologies and create something new and impressive in your city from your building menu.

4. Maps and battles

Pay attention to the continent map. Acquire new provinces by trading or conquering to expand your city and to get more natural resources. Make sure to Prepare yourself in advance for battles, because as the game progresses it will become very challenging to win the battles by your army units alone!

Few Basic tips to remember :

Melee units are good against fast units.

Fast units are better at fighting against ranged units,

Ranged fighters have an advantage against melee units

5. Infiltrate and isolate

You increase your chances of winning by infiltrating a sector, and make an early damage to the enemy at the beginning of the battle. It is a great advantage. Crush any resistance by isolation the enemy units by your units on the battle map.

6. Collaborate with others

Join other Forge of Empires players and trade with them or make deals. They may even support you and improve your city so try also to help and support others. By Trading you can earn some valuable coins. and so you can have a small chance of finding a nice blueprint document  to build a Great Building. Great Buildings are a valuable assets !

Level up your great buildings to increase their power. You and your city visitors can contribute to this by donating their Forge Points. The rewards of the building upgrades will be shared by the contributors!.. Tournaments offer the chance to battle in a friendlier arena. By participating in tournaments, you can obtain coveted medals, but you will have to fight a lot in order to do so !

7. Acquire goods

You will require goods by the time you progress in Forge of Empires. As a rule it is recommended to plan ahead to make sure you never get stuck at some point because you lack the required goods. You don’t need to produce all the goods by yourself, instead, explore goods that you found deposits for on the continent map.

You can also trade goods with other players. Last method is to rob your neighbors. You will need your army to do this, and good timing

8. Quick tips on forge of empires wiki

  • Plan Before
  • Use your Forge points before they expire
  • Acquire Goods as soon as possible
  • Trade your goods for profit in the market
  • Use the site efficiently when you build
  • Expand whenever you can
  • Pay attention to citizens happiness
  • Contribute to other players cities to get coins
  • Infiltrate
  • Study the enemy’s set up and deploy counter units
  • Use terrain advantages
  • Attack a single unit with several units

Intermediate Level : Village Layout Strategy

In this Forge of Empires wiki we will discuss the powerful way to layout your village. Usually In the start The main hall is always centered in map. This really restricts the possibilities to what you can build around it. The Strategy then is to move it using the move tool in the “Build Tab” to any other empty area inside the grid. I for example prefer to move the hall to the north corner to allow much more space for the next infrastructures and small or great buildings.

An important thing is that most of your great buildings will require a road to access to it. You’ll get notified if a building is poorly placed, an alert notification will appear above the building. The alert will instantly disappear one you move the building to a nearby road. You can also check if your building will need a road or not by the checking the “Needs” section. If it’s needed you will something like  “Road required”. Keep in mind to check the needs of any thing you are trying to build in Forge of Empires. Some resources however doesn’t require any special needs.

Forge of Empires Wiki : Quick Battles Strategy Tip

At some point in your Forge of Empires journey you will have to start some battles. We sill discuss in depth the best strategies in battles in the guide. Usually you will need to visit the “Map” to discover the territories you will want to invade. What’s cool about Forge of Empires is that you have the possibility to control your attacks. Once on the battlefield you will have a hexagonal grid formation. The battle is turn-based so you will have the time to form and position your army then attack. Side note: The order of turns is determined by the game itself. We recommend to attack ASAP moving your troops forward while remaining the formation as possible. To do that you position your troops then click on “Skip Turn” to advance to your next opponent. The main key to victory is your positioning. You can an example of positioning in the video.

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