Easy ways to develop IELTS writing skills

IELTS writing is one of the important and difficult modules students get stuck in. It is very crucial to be familiar with techniques that aid students to get a high percentage in writing. IELTS writing is not like writing an essay for academic exams in school. Many levels get up high in this type of writing. So students today we going to learn some techniques that are useful to make you a pro in IELTS writing. One just needs to follow this practice to make his/her writing a high score content.

IELTS writing is composed of task 1 and task 2. Students get 33% of marks for task 1 writing and 66% of marks for task 2 writing.  If a student is eager to get 9 bands then his content must be able to fulfill four criteria that are.

  • Task Achievement-> Consider all parts of the questions to answer. An organized system to respond, relevant to the topic.
  • Coherence and Cohesion-> Implementation of cohesion in an unobtrusive style. Reasonable paragraphing of content
  • Lexical Resource-> Use of vocabulary in a wide-ranging manner. Assuring minor mistakes and Command over lexical features
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy-> Excellent use of English grammar to write well-structured content with accuracy and flexibility

Therefore, learners must be curious to know about the criteria to improve their IELTS writing marks and must ask about it when joining any of the Best ielts institute in patiala. We have come up with the most impressive techniques to make your writing skills perfect in most manners.

Write relevant Content-> Relevancy presents the information in an accurate and precise manner When going to write your answers, be assured to comprehensively research your given topic or questions through a mind map to get only relevant and appropriate content to write in the exam. The mind-oriented research procedure is to discover other parts of the question to explore your information to increase your content’s overall relevancy. Instead of writing in the same old tone, it is paramount to variegate the material that manages to maintain your content crisp and engaging to the IELTS examiner. The key to keeping content relevant is to make the examiner satisfactory to read and score high.  So dear students, be attached to the given topic and impress the trainer with your relevancy expertise.

Content structure-> It is equally important to give an impressive structure to the writing by following the below-mentioned tact.

  • Content must have an introduction, body content, and an overview
  • Written content should be structured into a paragraph as per its length
  • Stating your writing with an opinion in the intro paragraph
  • Add adequate and specific examples and proof to make the writing look identical
  • Always explain your view/opinion in brief

Other things that are liable to enhance writing structure are:

  • Write language that is easy to read and understand and doesn’t confuse the examiner
  • It is advisable to start writing with a general statement instead of showing being partial to a particular fact/view
  • Do not use linking words at the beginning of the sentences
  • Each paragraph must have a single idea/sub-topic to explain with a clear understanding

Attempt everything-> Examiners get impressed when a student attempts each part of the question with maturity and diligence. So try to answer the question completely and avoid to write unnecessarily.

Precise Overview -> A student must include an overview in his writing. It possesses 25% of the marks. The overview contains key features of writing. If you are adding an overview, then it is suggested not to write a conclusion because it will make your content repetitive. The next question that is asked many times is where to put the overview in the content. So it is the writer’s choice to put it after the introduction or body paragraphs.

Vocab Proficiency->Groom your content with an uncommon use of words and shows your vocabulary skills to obtain a high score. Use only topic-oriented Vocab.

Error-free content-> Content should be free of major as well as minor errors. So always be careful when writing to keep it error-free.

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