Japanese Part-time cashier uses a superpower to memorize 1300 credit card numbers!

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He took advantage of his superpower to use the customer’s credit cards memorized for online purchases.

Named Yusuke Taniguchi, he was arrested for stealing 1300 credit card numbers of his customers.

In the credit cards security field, the details of the cards were stolen using machines and electronic devices. Not this Japanese cashier though!

Yusuke did not use any device to store the customer’s credit cards, however, he used his super photographic memory to remember the exact information of each credit card instantly.

Yuzuke compromised credit card security with his superhuman memory only!
Working as a cashier in a shopping mall, Yuzuke has very brief access to his customer’s credit cards for a few seconds. This was more than enough for him to instantly store the credit card number, holder name, expiry date, and the security code, just with a glance.
Yuzuke said that he stores the credit card pieces of information on a notebook, to keep for later use.

Taniguchi is now investigated for credit card security violations. He, reportedly, confessed that he used the information to … [click read more..]

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