5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards

This selection of the best cash-back credit cards will allow you to earn money while you are spending.

These are a few things you need to know about these best cashback credit cards:

  • No flat-rate cash back cards had made it to the list. The reason is that you get a lower rate in return with a simple flat rate scheme.
  • You need to make sure that the cashback in your credit card of choice offers the best rates on the category where you spend the most.
  • Additionally, it’s better to look for a credit card with no annual fees, to help you cash out all your earnings.

Best cashback credit cards pick

Following is our pick of the best cash-back credit cards for 2019.

  1. Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Card: Earn 5% cash back on your Amazon purchases

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card offers a 5% cash back on all your purchases you make either or amazon.com or also at Whole Foods Market. Unlike most of the other credit cards on this list, this one has the advantage of no limit to how much cash back you may get which is so good. Example: if you spend $500 every month on Amazon and at Whole Foods, you may  get $300 every year in cash back.

A $70 Amazon.com gift card is offered when you apply and are approved for the account.

Also There is no annual fee on this card , however you have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the full 5% cash back on store purchases.

  1. Chase Freedom®: Offers 5% cash back in rotating categories

The Chase Freedom® credit card offers 5% cash back in rotating categories on spending up to $1,500 in combined purchases each quarter. You can then earn up to $300 every year in cash back when maxing out the bonus categories. Whenever your reach the cap each quarter, your cash back rate goes back to 1%. You also earn a 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Keep in mind that the annual fee is $0 which is dope.

  1. Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card from U.S. Bank : Earn 5% in rotating categories

Cash+™ Visa Signature® Credit Card offers a cash back of 5% on the first $2,000 on purchases in two rotating categories each quarter. You can get up to $400 every year in cash back whenever you spend $2,000 every quarter on bonus categories. Whenever you reach the $2,000 cap, the cash back rate goes back to 1% for those special categories.

The credit card offers 2% cash back on your purchases in one everyday category of your choice, then 1% cash back on all other purchases. A good thing is the absence of any cap on how much you can spend in your 2% bonus category of choice (gas, groceries..).

To redeem the rewards there is a minimum of $20, however There’s no annual fee associated with the card.

  1. Blue Cash Preferred® Card: 6% at USA supermarkets

The Blue Cash Preferred® Card offers 6% cash back at supermarkets on up to $6,000 each year in purchases. You can easily earn up to $360 on groceries in cash back every year. After you hit the limit of $6,000 the cash back rate goes back to 1%.

Another category is streaming subscription where you can earn up to 6% cash back. You can get a 3% cash back on purchases at gas stations and transportation (taxis, rides, ..) finally you earn a 1% cash back on all other purchases.

The credit card comes however with a $95 annual fee, so keep that in mind.

  1. Discover it® Cash Back: Awesome 10% on rotating categories

With The Discover it® Cash Back you can earn 5% cash back on up to a $1,500 in purchases for each quarter in rotating categories (the cashback rate goes back to 1% in those categories after you reach the $1,500 cap). The categories are rotating from groceries to gas stations, restaurants and more. In addition to that, Discover it® Cash Back will double the cash back you earn during your first year of owning the card, which means you will get up to 10% right out of the gate. A nice perk also is that you can cash out at any time

You can get $600 cash back during your first year in case you max out the bonus categories.

And don’t forget that this best cash back credit card offers you benefit of no annual fee that cuts into your earnings.


There are three options to earn cash back.

The easy and simple way is using a flat-rate cash back credit card. They offer the same amount of cash back for any purchase you make. These cash back credit cards are perfect if you don’t want the hassle of maximizing credit card rewards on specific categories. However they don’t usually offer the highest rate of cash back.

On our pick of the best cash back credit cards most of them offers rotating and tiered cash back scheme, which offers more earnings on a limited number of purchases. Tiered cash back credit cards offer multiple categories with varying rates of cash back. On the other hand, rotating cash back credit cards allows bonus categories that you can change every quarter.

Whichever cash back credit card and reward scheme you choose, it’s vital to check how easy it is to redeem your earnings and whether there is an annual fee associated with the credit card that will cut your earnings.

If you are a business owner you can check our best pick of business credit cards that will earn you rewards on your business spending.


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