How many times you regretted not taking the decision to buy something in the past that worth 10 times or more the price few years ago ? A property or a plot maybe which is worth a fortune now ?

Don’t let this happen to you again ! Ordinary people became millionaires just by having made the decision in the past and invested in Bitcoin. So keep reading

Bill Gates (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

There a lot of example and amazing stories that you can read about ordinary people like Erik Finman, Kristoffer Koch who made fortunes now by investing in Bitcoin in the past.

Over the last seven years Bitcoin completely dominated over the dollar by a growth of 800,000 times. This means that if you had decided to invest only 5 dollars on about 2000 Bitcoins seven years ago you will have $4.4 million Today ! Whatever you decided to invest back then will be multiplied by one million today !

Back then, Bitcoin wasn’t very attractive, it was only known for the early adopters. Very few businesses really considered bitcoins as a valid and real currency. most of the governments were not convinced too. However, the value of crypto-currency went higher as a lot of companies and real businesses started to recognize it a real valid currency, so with more people on board the price started to rise enormously. in 2017, japan accorded legitimacy to Bitcoin and the value of Bitcoin spiked more and more.

One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency, unlike traditional currencies there is no government nor central bank that controls it. This means that it is a safe place in a world full of  problematic geopolitics, many investors considers Bitcoin as a safe haven asset. Also, the way Bitcoin works is an additional advantage considering the fact that there is an algorithmic limitation to the possible number of Bitcoins that can be created, you can’t create Bitcoins infinitely, so the economy rules are still valid since no money printing is possible. The demand goes up and the limited supply of Bitcoins means the price goes insanely high.

Wences Casares is considered one of the early most known “celebrity” businessman in Sillicon valley who adopted Bitcoin. And he succeeded in convincing top billionaires in joining Bitcoin technology including Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman and many others.

On top of being the head of Paypal, Casares founded a video game company, an internet provider and bank. But he claims that he is now dedicating the rest of his life to Bitcoin, he created and runs a startup called Xapo where you can store and invest Bitcoins.

At the Cryptocurrency policy group event in New York, Casares presented a keynote where he explains and gives advice about the magic and the opportunities of Bitcoin.

Casares presented a simple and smart convincing formula: Take 1% of what you earn today, and invest it into Bitcoin. As simple as That ! He continues : “You maybe lose 1% of your wealth, which is not that bad, or you make billions“. According to Casares the odds of failing in Bitcoin are almost zero, 1% is not a big deal if it fails anyway, but if it succeeds, which is likely to happen, in 5 to 7 years One dollar will be worth a million. Casares explained too that it is not too late to hop on the Bitcoin train, according to him even the new investors in Bitcoin who acquired it only few months ago have made very good or spectacular profits.

The market of cryptocurrency is now expanding, and another new currency is making the headlines recently, it is called “Ethereum”. You should know that the price of Ethereum, which is basically similar to Bitcoin, grew up insanely over 5400% only in the last 6 months !

The reasons for this growth is that Bitcoin is mostly for consumer day to day transactions where Ethereum has been adopted very fast by the corporate world. Ethereum is now adopted by big companies like Intel, Microsoft, JP Morgan to name a few.. These companies joined officially the EEA ( Ethereum Enterprise Alliance) which adds more endorsement and legitimacy to Ethereum as a real currency.

By now, you maybe thinking about getting in the game of Cryptocurrency, which is the right and safe decision to make, but maybe you are not sure from where to start. Investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum is as easy as writing an email.


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