Amazon is the ultimate online marketplace for sure. You can purchase whatever you think of at the best prices! It is incredible. The Amazon app on android is well built too, and full of features. You can for example use the barcode scanner or the photo search feature to compare product prices from other physical store to the prices in Amazon. You may use the app to acquire content from the Amazon streaming service. And you can benefit from the incredible fast shipping services of Amazon using the app.

Google Wallet

Google has been there for many years now, and it went through many changes. Today, it is considered a payment app from person to person. You can use it easily to send cash without credit cards or other money transfer services.


Originally Groupon was about finding deals in your local area on your mobile. Nowadays, Groupon made partnerships with other retailers and businesses to offer limited great value products in a limited time. It is also useful to discover new restaurant ideas or activities in your local area.


Chances are you are already familiar with pinterest as a social network for ideas. Its Android app allows you to collect interesting images an ideas from around the web in order to make boards or lists of items that interests you! and that you may purchase later! You can use to gather idea about your next home decoration project.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is amazing to make purchases, or to send money easily between mobile devices. It is very convenient! And it can also trick credit card reader to think that you used a real credit card instead of your samsung device! Amazing.. The only problem, it is limited obviously to samsung devices! as it uses some hardware magnets specific to Samsung mobile phones. So if you own one, Samsung Pay is your ultimate payment method.


If you order online more than often, Slice is your best friend. It detects automatically all the shipping details after any purchase you make and automatically tracks your package for you. You can easily watch over your package at all the delivery steps and get an alert when it is at your door step! It allows you to receive alerts if the price of your purchase has dropped.


Wallaby is your friend when using your plastic credit to make purchases. Your credit card certainly has a reward program, and obviously it is hard to keep track of which credit card has that specific reward program! Wallaby takes care of all this hassle for you and helps you increase your rewards.


Venmo is an alternative to google wallet in the sens that it allows to send money easily to other people. It has very clean design, simple user interface and also some nice social features as splitting up the checks for example. You can use it also to pay for stuff with your mobile.



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