Atlantis the lost city And Legendary Lost Civilizations


Lost civilizations have always captured the imagination of creative minds. They fascinate from the old jungles of Latin America to Atlantis the lost city and the Greek civilization in the Mediterranean. These lost civilizations inspired novel writers, movie makers and game developers.

These are the most mysterious lost cities still to be discovered

City of Z, Latin America


A team of British explorers led by Percy Harrison Fawcett has penetrated the jungle of Mato Grosso in Brazil in order to discover what remains of an old civilization named The Lost City of Z by the Harrison Fawcett in 1925.

The team joined the lost city and disappeared as well. In the following years around 100 explorers tried to discover what was the destiny of the British team, unfortunately, they all faced the same destiny and vanished mysteriously as well. Some assumptions claims that the Lost City of Fawcett is related to legends that surrounds Kuhikugu the archaeological site discovered in the beginning of the 21st century.

The Lost city of Z is now title of a book written by David Grann, an amrican author based on Fawcett’s story. The book has been released in 2009.

Also a movie starring Tom Holland was released in July 2017 based on the same mysterious story.

Atlantis the lost city


Perhaps one of the famous lost cities in the world, it was mentioned the ancient Greek literature by Plato around 360 B.C. Atlantis fascinated the historians since that time and captured the curiosity of explorers.

The mythic city is home to a lot of rumors and claims, historians wrote that it was the city of rich powerful and very advanced kingdom in technology and navy.

According to Plato, Atlantis vanished by a horrifying night of earthquakes and fires, and totally sank in the depth of the Mediterranean sea. However, all the explorations made to discover the exact location of Atlantis was a total failure without any proven facts about the city. One of the most important expeditions was carried by a Canadian archaeologist who partnered with James Cameron in diving and exploring the depth of the Mariana Trench in search of Atlantis ruins.

They discovered six stones from the bronze era in the Strait of Gibraltar off the Moroccan coast. This discovery was interpreted as big trading civilization in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast 4000 years ago. A city buried in the mud by some random catastrophe has been discovered as well in the south of south which could be related to Atlantis the lost city myth.

Realm of Lyonesse

Similar to Atlantis, the legend says that Lyonesse Kingdom was an island in the Britain’s Isles of Scilly and in one single day the island vanished by the ocean’s water, leaving according to some speculations the litany of 140 small islands that we have today.

William of Worcester described Cornwall’s coast in his itinerary in the 14th century saying that there was an identified island that extends for about 6 miles has existed before a big flood. He wrote that churches and woods are submerged by water in this area between Scilly’s islands and the Mount.

Lyonesse is especially recognized for its role Arthurian legend as Tristan’s home city. The flood according to the legend happened in the same century, (the 6th century) as of the King Arthur and the round table’s Knights.

According to geologists this region has been subject to many floods and submergence through the last three millennials.

El Dorado

Besides Atlantis, El Dorado is maybe the second most known legendary city for the general public. El Dorado or the golden city began in the 16th century after the discovery of the New World. The European explorers were fascinated by the treasures of America. Spain sent at that era, expeditions and explorer to discover South America’s treasures and gold. The rumors claims at that time the existence of a king covering himself in gold in the mountains of Andes.

After that, the rumor expanded and it was about a whole kingdom made of gold. A lot of people believed in the legend and tried to discover the golden city as the British explorer Raleigh Walter.

El Dorado is still in our imagination and culture, it appeared in famous movies as Indian Jones and The Road to El Dorado. It features also in many successful video games as Pitfall, the lost expedition.

The Lost Kalahari


The Great Farini, or Guillermo Farini was a Canadian explorer who was from the pioneers to cross the Desert of Kalahari in South Africa in 1885. His discovery was some ruins that indicates the existence of a an ancient civilization buried in the desert.

His photographs of the ruins inspired other explorers, who went during the 20th century to unveil the Lost City of Kalahara. Elon Musk grandparents helped about 12 of those explorers in their mission.

Josh Gates made a series called Expedition unknown in 2016 where he shows his journey in the search for the Lost Kalahara. Based on Farini’s photographs, radars and satellite maps Josh Gates discovered very old ruins in a oasis inside the desert of Kalahara. The site could be in fact Farini’s Lost City in Kalahara.






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